Welcome to Ironhelm!

This website is dedicated to hosting and supporting a private Minecraft server. We are not currently accepting new members.

We have always used Bukkit (c.f. www.bukkit.org) to run our server but recent events have cast doubt on the long-term stability of that project (c.f. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mojang-and-the-bukkit-project.309715/). Until such time as there is more certainty that the project is going to endure in some acceptable form, we have halted updates to the server. The current version is running a development version of Bukkit (version 1.7.10) and does NOT have compatibility with the newest Minecraft clients (version 1.8).

The server admins are Brukenet (also the owner) and LtGriffin; contact either in-game if you need help (or use the contact form if they're offline). If you can't find an admin and need help fast, check to see if talondog8 is online and if he is let him know what you need - he's pretty much third in command even if not currently a full admin.

We strongly suggest using Mumble to voice chat while playing; the Mumble client can be downloaded HERE. Just connect to the server at IP and right-click the Ironhelm channel to join it. Admins can sometimes be found in Mumble chat even when they are not on the Ironhelm server as we use it for several games. We use this Mumble server for several games besides just Ironhelm/Minecraft; please keep all Ironhelm-related discussions in the relevant channel and do not disrupt any discussions that may be occuring in other channels.

PvP is allowed pretty much anywhere right now; we may set up no-PvP zones in the future for builders but right now everything is in a state of flux.

We do use a multi-verse plugin and have two main worlds; occasionally more will be added for exploration and adventure but most play is intended to be focused on the main Ironhelm world. We also have set up Multiverse worlds based upon old archives from the Woodenaxe server (c.f. www.woodenaxe.com. This is intended as a tribute, as the owner of Ironhelm has been a long-time member of the Woodenaxe community and has the utmost regard for that server, staff, and community.

Griefing, using client mods to cheat, and spamming chat won't be tolerated. Behave with the same basic manners you would use in any public situation and you should be fine.

Running a dedicated server can be expensive; if you like Ironhelm then feel free to donate!

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Explore Classic RPG Settings

Ironhelm supports many styles of play but one of our original concepts for the server was to create the dungeons, keeps, and other structures that we encountered over the years in various role-playing games. For that reason, we are currently trying to build/recreate several semi-famous structures from early Dungeons and Dragons adventure modules. Most of these locations are currently accessed via Multiverse - use /mvtp oldhelm to travel to the original world and /mvtp ironhelm to return to the new world.

We will continue to refine and add to this list as time permits, with the goal of eventually adding NPC characters, quests, mobs, and suitable rewards to match the original adventures. As structures are completed we will create 'warps' to allow rapid travel to these locations.

Current Plugins

Ironhelm is currently running on development version 1.7.10 of bukkit. Our plugins, last updated on June 5th, include all of the following (click an individual plugin for documentation):

BOSEconomy | ChestShop | Dynmap | Essentials | Lockette | Multiverse-Core | PermissionsEx | Residence | SecretSwitch | WorldBorder